Apple, iPhones, and Starbucks

Sep 6, 2007 21:45 · 127 words · 1 minute read

I paid attention to Apple’s The Beat Goes On event from tuesday. Everything looks pretty good. Except for the lame Starbucks integration into the iTunes Store.

It would be different if they had some standard which any store which plays music could appear on the iPod/iPhone for purchasing. But I don’t like being told which stores I should shop at. They might as well have put a big McDonalds logo inside the software.

This is the same reason I stopped using Quicken. They started devoting user interface space to selling Intuit brand credit cards and god knows what else.

I don’t like being treated like an ATM by corporations. I bought the damn phone, I use it, I like it. Don’t start selling NASCAR-style sponsorship inside it.