thinking outside the box

Oct 30, 2007 21:50 · 167 words · 1 minute read

Gruber isn’t very good at imagining other people’s computing needs.

No important software for the Mac depends on Java.

I think he meant “I don’t have any important software that depends on Java”. There. Fixed that for you.

What I like about the most about his subsequent backpedaling is that it avoids the original issue people were complaining about.

  1. Gruber says Java isn’t supported in the new MacOS X 10.5 and no one cares except Java developers.
  2. People who do care write him and complain.
  3. Instead of saying, “oh, hey, some people clearly have different computing needs than me,” Gruber gives them a condescending lecture on prioritizing development issues, which wasn’t the point at all and as if developers don’t already know about needing to delay low priority tasks.

Somewhere in there he also found the time to talk about a new feature to AppleScript, a language that no one cares about, except AppleScript developers.

PS. I’m not a Java developer.  I don’t even care for Java.