whoa guys

Nov 21, 2007 22:52 · 288 words · 2 minute read

In Vacuous Virtuoso’s CTGradient code bloat article, he showed how easy it was to trim a 1300 line 3rd party piece of code down to 30 lines by trimming the unneeded code.

Super. We should all look at what code we use and whether it is inefficient or not.

The problem is he didn’t include any numbers beyond the LOCs. It would have been nice to have had some before and after numbers on execution speed, binary size, and memory usage.

No big deal though. It’s still a decent article.

It’s turned into a bit of a flame war though, or as close to a flame war as the usually polite Mac developer community gets.

I started it with what I like to think of was an innocuous comment.

It went back and forth a little bit with Daniel Jalkut joining in too.

Then this guy, Rick, joined in and immediately went personal.

Rick also posted a fun little timecube style rant on his blog where he referred to developers as the Landed Gentry of Mac Development and as snakes. He also put the word “people” in scare quotes.

It’s also amazing how far these ‘people’ will go to defend what essentially is a defenceless position.

Not quite sure what he thinks we are instead.

Sean was totally unnecessary with his

Do us a favor, think of this as being a thanksgiving dinner. The adults are busy discussing things at the dinner table. Take your slice of turkey, and go back to the childr- Oops, I mean, “indy” developer table.

style comments.

I just think that the personal attacks are pretty lame in a discussion by a bunch of developers about the relative merits of a code cleanup.